FAQ Camera

Q: Does this unit come with a power or cable? (For single camera)
A: The single camera does not come with a power and cable. However, we do have compatible cables and power supplies for sale. Please feel free to check out our website www.zwsecurity.com for more details.

Q: The focus on my camera is going out, how do I refocus it?
A: Most of the cameras we carry have a locking screw on the focus adjust area of the lens. Take apart the camera carefully and near the lens there should be a set screw. Loosen the screw and adjust the focus of the lens by turning the lens left and right. Once you get the focus right, tighten the screw back down.

Q: I cannot get a clear video at night?
A: Usually that means there is a power issue. The insufficient power supply may cause the problem. Please change a power source and have a try.

Q: Does this unit come with warranty?
A: We offer 1 year warranty for all products. We also provide free phone support at +86-0755-33662696  for buyers during Mon-Fri: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Shipping Time
Q: Shipping time check
A: There should a map of estimated shipping time at the bottom of our product templates. Please check it out for more details. Regarding the international shipping time, please email us your address and zip code, so that we can work out an estimated shipping cost for you.

Q: Can you inform me the tracking information when you ship out the order?
A: An email with shipping information like shipping date, shipping way and tracking number will be sent to buyer when we ship out the order.

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