Why To Choose Us

 Why To Choose Us

1,ZoomWay offers service to all products as belows:

1) Two-year guarantee

2) The maintenance is provided over the lifespan


2,ZoomWay adopt high-quality lens

1)Metal lens, more luminous flux and much clearer picture

2)  Professional IR filter

3) IR Correction funtion, then you will see much clearly at night.


3,Zoomway use metal lens base:

1)Metal lens base, which have good heat dispersion, also avoid lens fog

2)Metal lens will not deform and picture will not move its focus.


4,ZoomWay use good IR LED

1) ZoomWay use Taiwan Tybtek IR led

2) Low heat value, high lightness and long uselife


5,Zoomway adopt perfect power solution:

1) Wide voltage design: 9~18V voltage pass through the power part of camera board and become stable 12V to camear and IR led, thus make sure camera and ir led stably work long time

2) Overvoltage protection function

3) Non-polarity design to avoid making wrong with positive&negative  pole

4) Mainboard is low electric current design, low heat value, very stable.


6,ZoomWay use good cable

1) Custom-made calbe, its PVC use Raw materials and resist sunburn (+60°)& antifreeze(-40°)

2) Cable core: most companies use 4.5mm 3 cores with AL&Copper. We use 5.0mm 5 Cores with pure copper. Our bigger cable can avoid the problem of breakage of cable. Also transmit video signal to longer distance.


7,We have perfect quality assurance system. All cameras had past 9 steps test.

1) Aging test: 48hours aging test

2) Temperature test: we have special aging room and keep room temperature at 60°

3)  High or low voltage test:

4)  Frequent Open and close test: 10 second open and 2 second close

5)  Noise wave electric current test to make sure camera can work smoothly under bad quality power supply

6)  Shock test to make sure all cameras is good after opening box.

7)  Ultrasound wave to clear all cameras PCB board

8)  All Zoomway’s camera have past darkrooom test before shipment

9)  Every kind of camera have past outdoor scence test to make sure camera’s picture ture and effective.

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