4CH Passive UTP Video Transceiver
General Features
1.No power required.
2.Transmission distance up to 300m working with passive transceivers (e.g. ZW-203A,203C).
3.Transmission distance up to 600m working with active receivers (e.g.ZW-VB301T).
4.Compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM.
5.Built-in surge&transient protection.
6.Super interference rejection.


Video Transmitting properties Compatible with All Baseband Signals,
including PAL, NTSC, SECAM
Transmitting Band 0-6MHz
Transmission Distance 300m(working with passive baluns)
(up to)Over UTP Cable 600m(working with active baluns)
Interference Rejection >60dB
Attenuation <1.5dB
Connection Properties Video Connector 4 BNC-F 8 BNC-F
Impedance 75 ohms
UTP Cable Connector 1 RJ-45 or green terminal block 2 RJ-45 or green terminal block
Impedance 50 ohms
Protections Video Input Protection (as transmitter)   2KV(common mode),10/700us
IEC61000-4-5/1955(GB/T 17626.5-1999)
Video Output Protection (as transmitter) 2KV(different mode),10/700us
IEC61000-4-5/1955(GB/T 17626.5-1999)
Stability MTBF >50,000h
Physical Properties Dimensions (LWH) 180*85*32mm 180*85*44mm
Housing Material Metal
 Unit Color Black
Net Weight 450g 565g
Environmental Operating Temperature -20°C ~70°C
Humidity(non-condensing) 0~95%
Storage Temperature -40°C ~150 °C
Casing Gross Weight 568.2g           706g
Casing Volume(LWH) 225*120*70mm

Specifications suject to change without notice

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